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You have the right to appeal the appraised value and the classification (the use) assigned to your property. Each year is a new valuation. If you have an appeal pending for the prior tax year, to preserve your rights for the current tax year, you must appeal the current year's valuation. A resolution of a prior tax year may not affect a subsequent tax year. Should you decide to appeal, follow these instructions, please note the filing deadline

1. If you want to schedule an informal hearing on the valuation and/or classification of your property, please submit an online form to the appraiser's office. To be a valid appeal, this form must be received or postmarked on or before 03/27/2019.   On receipt of this form, it will be reviewed and processed; once scheduled a confirmation letter stating the date and time of the hearing will be mailed to the mailing address on file for this property (unless a different mailing address is requested) at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled hearing.

2. If you plan to be represented by someone other than yourself, you must file a "Declaration of Representative" form with the appraiser's office when filing this appeal form. An immediate family member may represent you without filing a declaration. To obtain the representative form, contact the appraiser's office at 913-715-9000 or click here...

3. All informal hearings will be conducted prior to 05/15/2019.   Results of the hearings stating the county's final determination will be mailed to you no later than 05/20/2019.

4. For more assistance, visit our website,

**Submission of online appeals will end March 27th.   Submission of online evidence will end April 12th.